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TempOS was born as an undergraduate work and has it’s your main goal to be not only another Operating System, but a complete toolkit designed to help students on their O.S. courses.

TempOS it’s still under development, which means that it’s not complete functional yet, but has the basic parts of an Operating System almost done. The parts currently done are:

  • Multiboot implementation to Boot TempOS with GRUB
  • Page system working with 4Kb pages
  • Re-allocable kernel to 3GB on virtual space
  • A simple memory manager
  • A simple keyboard driver
  • IRQ system with shared IRQs support
  • Alarm timers
  • A poor video (text mode) driver
  • System calls support
  • Generic ATA driver
  • Kernel Multithreading

TempOS was written by Renê de Souza Pinto and supervised by the  PhD professor Francisco José Monaco, at University of São Paulo – USP, from São Carlos – Brazil.

Author’s E-mail:

PhD professor: Francisco José Monaco

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