So, here it is!

I’m proud to announce the official TempOS Mascot: His name is Astolfo:


As I said in the last post, the origin of the mascot it’s very simple: It’s a drawing of my beautiful dog (and best pet friend) Astolfo. I have a wonderful story with Toto (his nickname), perhaps one day I’ll make a post to tell, but for now, this is it… and let me remember that although TempOS is licensed under GPL2, the logo is “Copyrighted”, and should be used only with TempOS. I’ll put the image on git repository with the correct CC license further.


Many Operating Systems has it’s own mascot. Linux has Tux (the penguin), Minix has a raccoon as his mascot, BSDs has their daemons, and so on…. so TempOS will have his own mascot! The mascot was already choosen and will be a tribute to a very special friend to my life, my dog Astolfo! The drawing it’s being made by a professional designer so let’s wait the results!

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